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Zhiqi Xu, PhD

Ph.D. Researcher

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Welcome! I am a Development Studies researcher who explores policy-making and local engagement in rural community-driven development (CDD) in the Global South, with a focus on rural China. My interdisciplinary work weaves culture and psychology into the study of these processes.

My work is rooted in a mixed-methods approach, blending interviews, case studies, surveys, and field experiments. I am an active participant in the Open Science movement, advocating for its advancement in the Global South.

Currently, I am exploring how Chinese farmers are adapting to an aging society and investigating community solutions for elder care.

Ongoing Projects

Currently, I am working on the following study for my PhD project: 


  • Adapting Traditions: Exploring Adaptive Strategies for Elder Care among Chinese Farmers in an Aging Society.

  • Innovations in Rural Chinese Poverty Alleviation Policymaking: Applying the Multiple Streams Framework to Analyse a GONGO Initiative.

  • Open Science in Developing Countries: A Collection of Practical Guides.



Hu, C., Xu, Z. et. al, (2024). invited team paper in progress). Open science in developing countries:  A collection of practical solutions in psychological science. Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science. 

Gao, X., Sun, B., & Xu, Z. (2022). Yilong Practice: Empowering and Enabling Farmers' Organizations. In Yang, T., Liu, J., & Tong, Z. (Eds), Exploring the Grassroots Practice of Rural Revitalization (pp.265-283). Beijing: China Social Sciences Press.

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